Sometimes good ideas may require basic one off moulds to prove their viability.

Many Engineering Companies struggle to provide a low volume manufacturing service, or trial unit manufacturing service, simply because their machine shops are rigidly set up for batch style work. Often the skill required to setup a machine accurately and often is not present within these places and therefore prototypes and trial units are largely ignored.
Here at Pudsey Mould Company, we can offer low volume manufacturing, trial unit or prototype manufacturing. Because all of our operators are highly skilled engineers with many years of experience behind them, machines can be setup accurately and often providing the flexibility required for low volume production.

Where required, we can also help and provide with design input, and generate Cad data, or Engineering drawings to the customer’s specifications.

Potential customers can be assured of the strictest confidentiality surrounding all trial units and development work.

Pudsey Mould - Mould Prototype Example.