Pudsey Mould Company combines the latest computer aided design technology and modern manufacturing facilities to provide a comprehensive Mould repair service.

During the working life of many types of moulding equipment, it maybe necessary to repair damaged or worn areas to increase the life of the mould tool, or to eliminate flaws or faults in moulding production.

Through a combination of spray welding techniques accompanied by localised machining and skilled manual fitting, damage to cavities and edges can be easily rectified in most situations.

Our mould repair operation also extends to many other areas where worn or damaged equipment is causing problems during moulding production.

We have the facility to undertake full neck ring repairs and provide new guide plates to suit, giving the component many times its normal production life.

We offer various levels of repairs depending on your needs or budget requirements.

By working closely with you from the start we can tailor our service to suit your needs.