Pudsey Mould Company have developed a strong market presence for the refurbishment and upgrading of mould equipment for the glass container industry.

Our mould refurbishment service offers an extremely comprehensive overhaul giving new life to existing worn mould tools at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Critical Sizes can be brought back to specification, Interlocks and faces can be re machined or ground and re-bedded, vents and face work can be re machined, and cavities and matches can be brought back to drawing spec through re-welding and re-machining.

We can offer various levels of refurbishment to suit your needs and requirements. From minor localised refurbishment, through to fully reconditioned gear. This can include re-engraving of textured cavities and re-cutting of existing engraving that has been worn due to production wear and tear.

With our wealth of knowledge and innovative techniques, we are able to offer the best mould refurbishment solution for your glass moulding equipment.

Mould refurbishment example one.
Mould refurbishment example two.